What does Embedded Systems Club Do?

    Embedded Systems Club (ESC) is primarily involved in connecting the software engineering and computer science talent at MSOE to the physical hardware world - which can be unapproachable for students not well-versed in Computer or Electrical Engineering concepts. This is done through hosting introductory talks about embedded topics, creating tools and boards for other CS/SE orgs to use, and assisting student research groups and teams with an intersection between CS and EE topics. It’s like the Lockheed Skunkworks of EECS!

    What is gained from joining?

    Joining ESC can prepare students wanting to work in the physical software field through work on real, complex projects. Projects in ESC can be great resume pieces and talking points, especially for students applying for embedded-focused companies like Lockheed Martin, Nvidia, and many more!

    Does ESC work with other orgs?

    Yes! All the time! Most of the work in ESC is meant to be completed in collaboration with other student groups who struggle in the field of research and development of physical systems. ESC encourages all orgs to reach out for any ideas or assistance needed in simplifying their custom engineering projects.

    Who can I contact if I am interested or want to know more?

    If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to reach out to Matt Korfhage, or join the # embedded-systems channel in the SSE Discord. He can be reached on