Game Jam 2020

    What was this event?

    The game jam was a competition, a race against the clock, to write a video game in less than 36 hours. You or your team had to submit a video game by 11:59 on Saturday night. The only catch is that each submission must adhere to the year’s theme.

    This year’s theme was: Out of Control!

    Game Jam Overall Retro

    The game jam went by in a flash. Nothing compares to the panicked cretive rush you feel after realizing you’ve wasted hours nitpicking one aspect of your game and only have 6 hours to complete 30% of your game. At the end of your 36 hours, all you can do is do that one final git push as the tears stream down your face. Tears of joy that you finished your project before the deadline, but mixed with tears of mouring your beautiful brain child.

    Overall, the event went very well. We had some high quality submissions which have much promise in their own right. I hope that we can continue developing these games in order to make them even better than their current 36 hour versions.

    Try the games for yourself

    The results are finally available to you all! These legends have made some phenomenal games for your enjoyment! Try them out and let us know which of these games are best overall, have the best sound design, and best art by voting here!

    Issac Ballone - Stampede!

    Local sheep are Out of Control! Play as a traveling shepherd as you respond to cries for help and herd sheep back to their villages. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Biscuit, your trusty dog, will lend a helping paw.

    Try it now here

    Paul Rinaldi - Twitch Plays the Weather

    Ever wanted to control the weather? Well now you can, and all while you watch your favorite streamer Paul Rinaldi!

    Try it now here

    Seth Fenske - Puppet Protocol

    Explore dangerous, alien terrain, but from the safety of your computer’s work station! Flex your command line abilities to solve puzzles with cute robots in Puppet Protocol!

    Try it now here