We love Feedback!

    Has there ever been a time when you attended one of our meetings and had questions, but had to rush off to a class right after? Ever felt that there’s something we should address, like an issue? Ever had a great idea about how we could change the way SSE works for the better? Ever had ideas about how MSOE could improve life for the average software engineering student?

    This is the place for you!! Go ahead and fill out the linked google form, and we’ll look at what we can do to address your feedback. If we end up using an idea, we’ll be sure to contact or credit you first, so no worries about having your ideas swiped! Our #1 goal is to make being a student a better experience for the average software/computer engineer (or our cousins, the computer science majors–they’re important too!), and any way we can do that, we will.

    We love hearing from our fellow SE’s, and appreciate your time in giving us this valuable info!

    The Google Form