Our eBoard

    The SSE Eboard is committed to bringing you the best SSE experience possible. From planning networking events to hosting workshops to running programming competitions, SSE strives to bring you into closer reach of your professional and technical goals. This year, your eBoard members are:

    President - Teresa Toohill

    Hi there! My name is Teresa Toohill and I am the President for SSE. I grew up right here in the Milwaukee area. Because of that, I feel in love with downtown Milwaukee and MSOE. Currently I am a Senior Software Engineering student with an interest in web development, finance, database systems, full stack development, and animation. In my free time I enjoy watching YouTube, Netflix, baking, reading, cooking, and biking. I also dedicate a lot of my time to my sorority, Alpha Omega Epsilon, which works towards diversity in STEM. Feel free to stop me for a chat if you ever want to– I promise, I don’t bite!

    Email: toohillt@msoe.edu LinkedIn: Teresa Toohill

    Vice President - Abigail Draper

    Hey! My name is Abigail Draper, and I’m a Computer Science major. When I happen to have free time, I love playing video games and talking about my cat. I’m looking forward to helping SSE grow! Feel free to reach out to me with any suggestions!

    Email: drapera@msoe.edu LinkedIn: Abigail Draper
    Phone: (815) 303-8198

    Communications Coordinator - Malcolm Johnson

    G’Day, I’m Malcolm Johnson; I’m the Communications Coordinator for SSE. I’m a 4th-year student pursuing Software Engineering. I’m a big Java nerd, so I love to tutor students in and outside of school in their Java classes. I also love to dance, sing and show people respect by holding the door open for them around campus.

    Email: johnsonmr@msoe.edu LinkedIn: Malcolm Johnson
    Phone: (262) 457-9664

    Events Coordinator - John Paul Bunn

    Hello! I’m John Paul, I’m a CE+CS major, and I’ll be a SWE intern with Google over the Summer. I’m the Event Coordinator for SSE, as well as the President for the Google Developer Student Clubs at MSOE! I love working on Software and Embedded projects, and I’m currently working on a recommender system for Foley and Lardner’s legal matters and modding for the Feed The Beast team. I’m a tabletop RPG fanatic, young writer, gamer, tech enthusiast, and career mentor! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, want recommendations, or whatever.

    Email: bunnj@msoe.edu LinkedIn: John Paul Bunn
    Phone: (715) 303-9118

    Programming Competition Team Capt. - Samuel Keyser

    Hello! I’m Sam Keyser. I’m a 2nd year Computer Science major who is currently chair of the Competitive Programming club, and a member of the CinCity competitive programming team. I enjoy solving problems and really delving into the theory of how we can make computers do what we want, and do it well. Outside of SSE I enjoy reading science fiction, solving comprog problems, and going for long walks on the beach.

    Email: keysers@msoe.edu

    Webmaster - Jonathan Paulick

    Hi all, I’m Jonathan Paulick, a senior Computer Science student. Currently, I am the Webmaster for SSE. During my free time, I enjoy playing music, reading, and spending time with friends. Are you bored, lonely, confused, or offering an internship? Feel free to contact me.

    Email: paulickj@msoe.edu LinkedIn: Jonathan Paulick
    Phone: (414) 916-2998

    Game Dev Club Master - Asher Ryan Sprigler

    Hi, I make games, run clubs, and study Computer Engineering (apparently).

    Email: spriglera@msoe.edu LinkedIn: Asher Ryan Sprigler
    Phone: (630) 777-4661