Our eBoard

    The SSE Eboard is committed to bringing you the best SSE experience possible. From planning networking events to hosting workshops to running programming competitions, SSE strives to bring you into closer reach of your professional and technical goals. This year, your eBoard members are:

    President - John Paul Bunn

    Hello! I”m JP, I’m a CECS major and currently a Data Science & Software intern with Chemdirect. As the president of SSE, it is my responsibility to ensure all students benefit from all aspects of the club, as well as enjoying themselves and preparing for a fruitful future. I love working on Software and Embedded projects, tabletop games, writing, and career guidance. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, want recommendations, or more!

    Email: BunnJ@msoe.edu LinkedIn: John Paul Bunn

    Vice President - Kalki Sarangan

    Hello, I’m Kalki a junior standing computer science student. I work on campus at IT, I’m a part of 6 clubs currently, and I love to program and hang out with my friends during my free time.

    Email: sarangank@msoe.edu LinkedIn: Kalki Sarangan

    Communication Coordinator - Adrianne Schellinger

    I’m Adrianne Schellinger (She/Her/Hers). I am a Software Engineer with a current interest in Game Development, and Security. When I’m not coding, I’m grinding out Smash Ultimate, painting, or taking a break outside.

    Events Coordinator - Nathan Berglund

    Hi! I enjoy reading, gaming, and (very occasionally nowadays) watching anime/TV. Preferred languages are typically higher-level ones. I am also currently on the executive boards of MAGE and Fencing.

    Email: berglundn@msoe.edu LinkedIn: Nathan Berglund

    Programming Competition Team Capt. - Sam Keyser

    Hi! My name is Sam Keyser and I’m a Computer Science major graduating in 2024. I’m a huge programming nerd and I love learning about data structures, algorithms, and obscure programming languages. I also really enjoy low-level programming. In my free time I watch a lot of anime and read manga & web novels.

    Email: keysers@msoe.edu LinkedIn: Sam Keyser

    Webmaster - David Litton

    Hello! My name is David Litton, the current webmaster for at least the next eboard term. I am studying software engineering here at msoe. Outside of my studies I race cross country mountain biking, snowboard, play too much stardew valley, and build/mess around with computer. You may also see me around campus working at EECS tech support.

    Email: littond@msoe.edu LinkedIn: David Litton

    Embedded Systems Chair - Matt Korfhage

    I am passionate about aviation, and am working towards my Pilot’s License! I am also a Triangle Fraternity Brother.

    Email: korfhagem@msoe.edu LinkedIn: Matt Korfhage
    Phone: 4147313658