Welcome To The 2020/2021 School Year

    Are you dreading going back to school? Maybe a little more than usual? After all, online classes, remote learning, social distancing and masks have transformed education almost completely in the past few months. Starting to think about how sad, lonely and stressful the upcoming school year will be, and feeling down?

    Well, start looking up! This school year will be far different from normal given these difficult times, but SSE will still be here for you socially, academically and professionally in whatever way we can.

    “Okay, sure,” you say….”But how?”

    We’d love to see you at our first general meeting during Friday Week 2 at 12pm. We’re hoping to hold an in-person outdoor meeting on the old athletic field (pending official approval by MSOE–if not, we have back-up ideas). Attending is a perfect way to meet other SE’s, exchange some mask-smiles (okay, we’ll just call it cheerful eye-squinting) from your peers, and get some sunshine! “Okay, sure. A meeting. Big deal,” you say.

    A meeting isn’t all! After our week 2 general meeting we are planning to hold roundtable discussions in weeks 5 and 8 about a certain theme, whether technical, professional or social. These will be perfect if you want to learn more about a topic in software or just have a chance to get to know other SE’s. The format for these interactions is pending, but we’ll be sure to let you know soon!

    “Fine, I get it!” you say. “SSE is a big meeting factory.” Not so fast!

    Our subclubs will be running meetings again this fall. Ever wanted to work on a website, code a video game or become the modern-day Djikstra and solve world-class competitive programming problems? Don’t even know who Djikstra is? Maybe you just want to make some friends. You can do all of these things and more by checking out their pages below and joining a subclub.

    And remember–be a part of the community! Join our slack here and MSTeams team here. Also, you can sign up for our email list here.

    Post by: Grace Fleming & Andy Wojciechowski