Welcome Back 2019!

    Welcome to another year of school at MSOE! Well, maybe not “Welcome.” Maybe we mean “Good luck,” because school here isn’t always easy. Lucky for you, SSE is here to make it easier!

    We’d love to see you all at our next general meeting, September 20th at noon in DH110! This will be a perfect way to get to know some other SE’s and maybe snag some advice from older students.

    Following that, our resume blitz will be just around the corner, on September 23rd at noon and September 25th at 5PM. This event is an awesome way to have an industry professional evaluate your resume and give you valuable feedback. This is especially important because the career fair will be next week Friday!

    After the career fair, we’ll have mock whiteboard interviews, where students will be able to sign up for a technical interview with an engineer from one of our industry partners and get some experience showing off their coding skills (and some networking, too!).

    Are you excited yet? You should be! SSE is here to make it a great year–socially, academically and professionally–for everyone.

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    Post by: Grace Fleming