Mock Whiteboard Interviews 2020

    What are the Mock Whiteboard Interviews?

    The Mock Whiteboard Interviews are a yearly event hosted by SSE to help people in Software majors get practice with technical interviews. In the past we’ve had industry representives come out and administer the mock interview where they would give students a coding problem they would give in a technical interview and students has to write their solution to the problem on a whiteboard. The only difference about this year is that the event will be held over Microsoft Teams and instead of a physical whiteboard online whiteboards or other online coding platforms will be used instead. But, it will still be a great way to get practice for upcoming internship or full time job interviews and it’s still a great way to meet industry representatives.

    Location: The SSE team on Microsoft Teams which you can join here

    Date and Time: Monday, October 19th from 12 PM to 2 PM

    Other Information

    No formal business atire is required for this event. You can dress just as you normally would for class. Also, you don’t need to bring anything to this event but it would be good to have a virtual copy of your Resume ready if one of the industry representatives wants to look at it.


    Please direct any questions about the event towards one of the eboard members. You can get the contact information for each of the eboard members here and they will get back to you as soon as possible?

    Post by: Andy Wojciechowski