IEEEXtreme Programming Competition


    What is IEEEXtreme?

    IEEEXtreme is an annual programming challenge for college students. The event takes place over a period of 24 hours where teams of IEEE student members compete with each other by solving a series of programming challenges. The competition is being run by the student branch of IEEE at MSOE. To compete in the event you must be a member of IEEE. Registration for IEEEXtreme is currently open. The event starts on October 18th at 7pm and ends on Saturday at 7pm. Where the competition will take place has yet to be determined, but it will be some where in Diercks Hall.

    Join IEEE ($16 for half year, $32 for a full year)

    IEEEXtreme website and competition sign up


    Rules and Other Information

    Teams of up to three student IEEE members receive sets of programming problems over 24 hours, starting at 0:00 UTC (7pm local time) on the competition date. All teams receive the same problems to solve and are expected to solve the problems without direct outside consultation. Teams don’t need to tackle every problem, but the more they solve, the more points they score. Students submit their solutions using an online tool, which has been HackerRank in recent years. Points are awarded based on how the problem was solved, the time it took, and its difficulty.


    Preparation Workshop with Alumni Connor Hibbs

    Connor is the founder of the competitive programming team and a veteran of IEEEXtreme. He has graciously accepted an invitation to help prepare our members for the event on the October 16th, the Wednesday before the competition. The workshop will take place in Diercks Hall Room 310 (DH 310) from 6-8pm. Dominoes pizza will be provided. The workshop will consist of a walk through session and a collaboration session for various problems.

    Sign up for the workshop here!



    Past IEEEXtreme problems with an online judge

    UW Madison competitive programming preparation resources


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