Game Jam 2019

    What was this event?

    The game jam was a competition, a race against the clock, to write a video game in less than 36 hours. You or your team had to submit a video game by 11:59 on Saturday night. The only catch is that each submission must adhere to the year’s theme. The contest consisted of two main categories, the hard-core competition and the casual competition.

    This year’s theme was: Dimensional Disasters!

    The subcategories for which prizes have been awarded to are:

    Best Art: Melvin the Duck

    Best Story: Flipy the Penguin

    Most Creative Interpretation of Theme: Euclid’s Dreamland

    Game Jam Overall Retro

    The game jam went by in a flash. Nothing compares to the panicked cretive rush you feel after realizing you’ve wasted hours nitpicking one aspect of your game and only have 6 hours to complete 30% of your game. At the end of your 36 hours, all you can do is do that one final git push as the tears stream down your face. Tears of joy that you finished your project before the deadline, but mixed with tears of mouring your beautiful brain child.

    Overall, the event went very well. We had some high quality submissions which have much promise in their own right. I hope that we can continue developing these games in order to make them even better than their current 36 hour versions.

    Try the games for yourself

    Hardcore Competion

    Seth Fenske - Euclids Dreamland

    According to Euclid, the shortest distance between two points in space is a straght line. What if that wasn’t the case? What if you could go from point a to point b via a route that isn’t a stratight line? Find out what that might feel like in Euclids Dreamland!

    To run the game, download the project from GitHub: Download the Zip. Unzip it and click the EuclidsDreamland shortcut. Press Alt-F4 to quit the game.

    Isaac Ballone - Melvin The Duck

    Melvin the Duck is an instant-classic featuring hand drawn graphics, spectacular special effects, and addicting gameplay. You play as the star of the show, Melvin, as you defend your home by bonking interdimensional rift junk.

    Try it now at:, and be sure to bookmark it as co-op mode will be released shortly!

    Casual Competion

    Andrew Wojciechowski - Cross Dimensional Platformer

    Cross dimensional platformer is a generic platformer where the platforming is determined through objects in the world which are located in inter dimensional rifts.

    If you want to try out the first level go to You will need Python installed on your computer and no-one has successfully gotten it to run at the command line yet. The only way to play the game currently is with the PyCharm IDE.

    Christian Hennig - Flippy the Penguin

    Flippy’s life was great, until one day everything turned upside down (literally!). “Flippy” is a 2D top-down adventure game inspired by pretty much any good 2D game you can think of. The first level of “Flippy” features bottle whacking, belly-sliding, a mysterious villain, and a copious amount crabs.

    If you would like to try the first version of this level, go to: 1. Download the ZIP file (Clone or Download) 2. After extracting, go to folder: “FINAL BUILD” 3. Run “FlippyGameJam.exe”