Game Jam 2019

This year’s theme is: Dimensional Diasters!

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What is this event?

A game jam is a competition, a race against the clock, to write a video game in less than 36 hours. You or your team must submit a video game by 11:59 on Saturday night. The only catch is that each submission must adhere to the year’s theme. The SSE website will announce the theme on Friday at noon. The contest consists of two main categories, the hard-core competition and the casual competition.

The subcategories for which we will award prizes are:

Best Art

Best Story

Most Creative Interpretation of Theme

Rules for the Casual Competition

Rules for the Hardcore Competition

Event Guidelines

When is it?

How do I sign up?

Rules for the Casual Competion

The casual competition allows each team to use whatever assets the team can get their hands on to complete their game. This may include: code, sprites, audio, and game engines. The game should still be original to this competition and not reusing old projects from the past as submissions. Old assets are always ok to reuse.

Rules for the Hardcore Competition

The hardcore competition is exactly the same; however, each team must start from scratch. From the time the competition starts on Friday, until it ends on Saturday each team must produce all submitted art, code, sounds, etc. There are exceptions to this rule; you may use software tools to aid you in creating your game. This includes tools like game engines, version control software, etc.

Event Guidelines

Before the game jam: Put together a team and register for either the casual or hardcore competition.

Friday at Noon: The theme will be announced on Friday at noon. All teams may begin developing their games. Make sure to relate the game back to the theme.

Saturday 11:00 pm: The website will post a link to a google form. Use this form to include a link to your game.

Saturday 11:59 pm: Any projects submitted after this time will not be accepted. If any updates to any projects are made after this point, we will disqualify the project.

Sunday 6:00 am: All of the games will be uploaded to the website. Anyone can download and play them. At this point, all teams who submitted a final version of their game can begin voting for their favorite game.

Saturday, April 5th 7:00 pm: The winners of awards will be announced at the Beta Test Night, where can continue to show off your game and get feedback from players. Attending this event is not necessary to win any awards.

When is it?

The competition runs from Friday at noon until Saturday night.

We will announce the game jam theme on Friday at noon. At that time, people may sign up as individuals or teams, and hack away at their game until the submission window opens at 11:00 pm on Saturday. At that time, final submissions will open for anyone who finished in time to submit their code. Submissions MUST be turned in by the 11:59 deadline.

How do I sign up?

Click the Register Now Link and sign up as an individual or as a team. All you need at this point is some team name under which to register. Remember this name as you will use it later to link your team to your game.

Again, teams may be composed of an individual or a team of as many people as desired. There is no limit and teams are allowed for both the casual and hardcore competition.