Our Eboard

    The SSE Eboard is committed to bringing you the best SSE experience possible. From planning networking events to hosting workshops to running programming competitions, SSE strives to bring you into closer reach of your professional and technical goals. This year, your eBoard members are

    President - Sabrina Stangler

    I’m Sabrina Stangler, I am the President of SSE for the second year in a row, and I’ll be a Senior SE for the 19-20 school year. I work at MacGregor Partners as a Product Development Intern, and I have two lovely cats. I really enjoy the requirements gathering process of software projects and designing GUI layouts. I also quite enjoy interacting with databases on the backend, which is not something I’ve gotten into a lot, but am eager to learn more about.

    Email: stanglersm@msoe.edu LinkedIn: Sabrina Stangler™️
    Twitter: @sabrinastangler

    View President - Nicholas Scharrer

    Hi there, I am Nick Scharrer and an currently the Vice President of SSE. I formerly was the Administrative Coordinator of SSE, and I’m a Senior as of the 2019-20 school year. I work for Intel currently as a co-op in California, but will be back at MSOE full-time in the Fall of 2019. I formerly worked at two internship sessions with Collins Aerospace (formerly Rockwell Collins), so have some experience working remotely during the school year. I love learning and working on both the hardware and software side of computing, and really enjoy leading teams!

    Email: scharrernf@msoe.edu LinkedIn: Nick Scharrer
    Phone: (262) 777-0993

    Communications Coordinator - Brady Cassada

    Hi! I’m Brady Cassada, the current Communications Coordinator of SSE. I am a Senior Software Engineering student at MSOE and I have been interning at Collins Aerospace since last summer. I have a passion for all different types of software and I love expanding my knowledge. In my free time I like playing hockey, making music, and playing video games.

    Administrative Coordinator - Andy Wojciechowski

    Hi, I’m Andy Wojciechowski and I am the Administrative Coordinator for SSE. I am a junior software engineering student and I have been interning at Rexnord since last summer as a Software Development Engineer in Test. Outside of SSE I enjoy working on personal software projects, spending time with friends, and playing video games.

    Email: wojciechowskia@msoe.edu LinkedIn: Andy Wojciechowski
    Phone: (414) 399-7353

    Events Coordinator - Erin Miller

    Hey, my name is Errin Miller and I am the Event Coordinator for SSE. I grew up around the Milwaukee area, and as of the ’19-’20 school year, I am a sophomore computer science student with an interest in cybersecurity and data science. Outside of school, I spend most of my time reading, writing, and playing the piano. I look forward to working with you all this year!

    Email: millerec@msoe.edu LinkedIn: Errin Miller
    Phone: (262) 402-3000

    Programming Competition Team Capt. - Kiel Dowdle

    Hi, I’m Kiel Dowdle and I’m serving as the competitive programming team captain. I’m a sophomore nontraditional transfer student studying computer science. Outside of SSE I work as a carpenter and in my free time I enjoy playing sports, video games, and traveling. I’ll be playing volleyball at Bradford beach over the summer and my favorite video game right now is Tetris 99.

    Email: dowdlek@msoe.edu LinkedIn: Kiel Dowdle
    Phone: (414) 313-6727

    Webmaster - Grace Fleming

    Grace here! I’m currently a software major and the Webmaster of SSE. Currently I hold an internship at Collins Aerospace. Outside of SSE I enjoy spending time with friends, walking around Milwaukee, and computer networking.

    Email: flemingg@msoe.edu LinkedIn: Grace Fleming
    Phone: (505) 278-9952

    Game Dev Club Master - Seth Fenske

    Hey guys! I’m Seth, a junior software engineering student. I currently work as a Software Engineering Intern at Direct Supply. Outside of SSE I work on various VR software projects and read Stephen King Books.

    Email: fenskesd@msoe.edu LinkedIn: Seth Fenske
    Phone: (262) 977 - 4026 Twitter: @SethFenske