• Hello everyone

    We have some updates about some great changes and events coming up in the next two weeks!

    First, we have decided on a time for Coffee and Code(Wars) each week. It will be held Mondays during […]

  • Hello everyone,

    Coffee and Code will be starting up again beginning this week or next and we would like to get an idea of everybody’s availability during the quarter.

    Please fill in the following when is […]

  • Hello everyone, we wanted to send out a few updates as the end of the quarter approaches.
    First, the mock Whiteboard Interviews were a huge success this past weekend! Thank you to all who attended and especially […]

  • Hello everyone,

    Just a friendly reminder that we will be having our monthly meeting this Thursday(1/19) @ 5pm. The location has CHANGED, we will be meeting in CC48 this week instead of the lecture hall. The […]

  • Welcome back from break everyone! Just a couple of updates as we start the new year. First, Coffee and Code will be continuing as normal on Tuesdays, located at the Starbucks on Ogden. Secondly, be on the lookout […]

  • Hello everyone,

    First and foremost, the meeting scheduled for tomorrow at 5pm has been CANCELLED. We had hoped to have a meeting but currently we are all busy planning and getting events together for later in […]

  • Hello everyone,

    Just a reminder that we will be having our weekly session of Coffee and Code tonight and every Tuesday at 5pm. Located at the Starbucks on Ogden.
    We’ll be starting something new this week by […]

  • Hello everyone,

    Welcome back, I know we sent out an update for the new Coffee and Code time earlier this week but we have a couple of additional announcements as we begin this new quarter that we’d like to […]

  • Hello everyone,

    Winter Quarter is starting and that means that Coffee and Code has been rescheduled to best fit the new schedules. We will plan on meeting on Tuesdays from 5-7pm at the Starbucks located on […]

  • Hello everyone,

    I know it is finals week and everyone is busy. But, I wanted to get this form out there for those that are interested in participating in Coffee and Code sessions again next quarter. The form is […]

  • Hello everyone,

    Just a reminder that the monthly meeting will be held tomorrow at 5pm in S341! We hope to see you all there. Topics to be discussed are improvements to Coffee and Code as well as upcoming events.


  • Hello everyone,

    An update on the two Coffee and Code sessions that are currently being hosted. Due to lack of demand for the Wednesday morning session we are going to discontinue the morning session. If anybody […]

  • Hello everyone,

    A couple of updates on the Coffee and Code sessions for Tuesday nights, 4-6pm. First, we will be changing the location to the Starbucks located on Ogden(near pick-n-save) due to this location […]

  • Hello everyone,

    Just a reminder that the SSE monthly meeting will be held this Thursday at 5pm in S341. We hope to see you all there!

    An update on announcements as well, if anyone would like to post an […]

  • Sean Khodl wrote a new post, Coffee & Code 1 year ago

    Hello everyone,

    Just a reminder that Coffee and Codes’ are still going on this week and every week.

    Matt Schladweiler will also be at the Red Arrow Starbucks tomorrow earlier than normal. He’ll be setting up […]

  • Hello everyone,

    There was a lot of interest in setting up times for Coffee and Code each week so that members, or anyone, can work with others on whatever they would like for a few hours!

    We have established […]

  • Hello everyone! One more reminder that the Hackathon hosted by SSE is this Saturday from 11am-4pm! The hackathon will be held in the Multipurpose room, CC 3rd Floor. The optional theme is building an online resume […]

  • I’d be free Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-5pm

  • I interned at Progressive IT this summer in Cleveland. I worked on two projects:
    -Data visualization using Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Elastic Graph. Mostly open source, Big data is fun.
    -Web development using a WAMP stack.

    In my free time I have been focusing on the early stages of a website.

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