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    Here are some advice that I have received from full-time Software Engineers that have been working in industry for at least 3 years:

    Always ask questions
    Never burn bridges
    Get involved in open source projects or the general community
    “Program as much as you can (or is reasonable) but also have other hobbies”
    Learn to admit that you are wrong and take the steps to reflect then recover from your mistakes (similar to the concept of “fail fast”. Help others when they make the same mistakes.
    Learn a little bit of everything as technology evolves really fast. There are always new languages/frameworks/tools to learn. Having experience (basic or expert) in such items will increase your overall experience and help you get hired.

    I am sure there are a ton of advice for us on forums like StackOverflow,but I just wanted to share the advice that I received personally. I hope that you are able to take some of these advice as useful guides in your pursuit of happiness in the Software Engineering field.

    I will try my best to update this list and add more words of wisdom as I continue to receive them.


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