Who are we?

    The Society of Software Engineers is a club for anyone majoring in, interested in, or just curious about software engineering.

    We hold a variety of both social and professional events all year long. Some of the more prominent ones are our Resume Blitz and Mock Whiteboard Interviews in the fall, and several company tours throughout the Winter and Spring quarters. These give students an opportunity to first perfect their resumes, then practice interviewing (with the potential to be selected to move forward), and finally use those skills to network with local companies.

    For those with more specific interests related to programming, we have even more clubs to suit your needs! Seth Fenske is in charge of the Game Development Club, where students join together and build their own games. Connor Hibbs leads the Competitive Programming Team, where members practice answering logic puzzles and programming-related questions, then go compete against other schools’ teams. Grace Fleming leads the Website Development club, where students can contribute to building and maintaining SSE’s very own website.

    Whether you’re looking to find new friends in your major, do some networking with local companies, or develop your skills, SSE has something for you. Our meetings are Friday at 12pm on Weeks 3, 6, and 9 of every quarter, so stop by and see what is happening in the world of SSE!

    The Details

    Basic Meeting Info: